Dojo Kun

At the end of training the senior student (top left) gives the instructions for the Dojo Kun:

  • Saei rei tu (line up) – in grade order, highest to the left
  • Seiza (proper sitting position) – kneel down waiting for student to left to kneel first
  • Mukso (eyes closed) – everyone then closes their eyes and breathes quietly in through nose and out through mouth
  • Mukso Yame (eyes open)
  • The senior student recites the following with class repeating at end of each line (all students must learn):

o    Karate-Do

o    Kokoro tada shiku

o    Nichi, nichi nokayko

o    Rei to seitu

o    Translation – “The way of Karate. We must acknowledge, consider and dedicate ourselves to the true way of karate and practice with good heart, mind and spirit on all occasions”

  • Shomen ni rei – everyone bows in acknowledgment to the spirits
  • Class sensei then turns round Sensei ni rei  – everyone bows to the class sensei
  • Ka rei tu (stand) – starting with sensei and then in grade order